"TireShop is the perfect program for any automotive center. It is a super easy program to use. We are now better able to manage our company and are more profitable."

Shannon from Illinois
1 Retail/Automotive Center, 1 Commercial Center





"This program is great. The customer retention programs have made an impact on our business. It is very fast, We have more time to help customers rather than manage a computer."

Mac from Georgia

 1 Retail/Automotive/Commercial Center






  "When we initially started thinking about going from hand written tickets to  using a computer system, we were hesitant to say the least.  We looked at  several software programs  and TireShop was the most  user friendly. FreedomSoft has always been there for us to meet our specific needs. Now, some three years later, we cannot  understand how we did what we did for so long without TireShop."

Tim from North Carolina
1 Retail/Automotive Center






 "Inventory is much easier and more accurate with TireShop. Reordering and inventory entry is a snap... TireShop has great customer support. Eric even came back from his vacation to help us with a problem... Business is much easier now, I don't dream of retirement nearly as much as before TireShop!"

Joe from Wyoming
2 Retail/Automotive Centers





 "We love this program. We've used TireShop for 4 years and can't imagine running our business without it. TireShop's 'Activity Monitoring System' caught an employee that was manipulating tickets to steal inventory. What other software can do that! Also, I can control exactly what I want each employee to see and do. Programs that cost twice as much can only do half the things TireShop can do."

Brian from North Carolina
4 Retail/Automotive Centers,





"We were up and going with TireShop in ONE day. TireShop is very simple and quick. We have 4 stores networked together and now everything is done in a uniform manner. Profitability is growing due to TireShop. The customer support is excellent. They are friendly and know the product. I would recommend this product to any shop that is interested in running their shop correctly and easily."

Joe from Maine
5 Retail/Automotive Centers





 "TireShop is an excellent value for the money. Its inventory control and customer tracking have especially helped out business. We find TireShop extremely easy to use and have never experienced any downtime. Customer support is outstanding. Even though I do not know the folks at TireShop personally, I feel like I've know them for years! A very personable and helpful staff that doesn't make you feel like your questions or problems are insignificant."

Susie from Missouri
1 Retail/Automotive Center




 "TireShop is extremely easy to use and get adjusted to. Our computer illiterate staff had no problems learning to use the program. The people at FreedomSoft are very easy to work with and have been there every time we've needed something. FreedomSoft works around us to do software updates. We have had no down-time since we started using TireShop over a year and a half ago."

Graham from Saskatchewan, Canada
1 Retail/Heavy Commercial Center



 "We have been using TireShop for almost 3 years. Prior to that we went through 4 other software programs. Software has been a frustrating and expensive ordeal for Lanning Tire. With TireShop, we finally have a program we can stick with."

Dale from Florida
3 Retail/Automotive Centers