Online Videos


Watch video 1 now     "Selling a new customer"

  • Demonstrates how fast TireShop adds a new customer & vehicle information & creates a work order
  • Selling the right tires from your inventory at the right price is a breeze with TireShop
  • TireShop's tight integration with MOTOR Data (Part & Labor Guide, TPMS, Lube Specs, and much more)
  • Quickly, selling an oil change at the right price - with the right filter and oil
  • Selling from TireShop's courtesy check list - that prints on the invoice



Watch video 2 now     "Sell to existing customer"
  • Demonstrates options for looking up existing customers & creating a work order
  • Quickly selling from previously declined services and how to easily add them to a work order
  • Using the history feature and selling the same tires the customer bought last year at the current price in lightening fast time!
  • TireShop's 'due now' services feature adds needed services. Quickly see all services that you have provided with enough miles or months to do again
  • TireShop's 'open' services feature adds needed services you have never sold to the customer but should have been done at least once
  • How TireShop tracks lapsed months and miles to help you sell needed services



Watch video 3 now     "Quoting advantage"
  • Demonstrates how quickly TireShop allows you to quote from what you have in stock and what you can order
  • See how you can offer options with TireShop's 'Good-Better-Best' quoting
  • See various ways to quote, wear, make, model, etc.
  • TireShop has an unique American Tire integration built in



Watch video 4 now     "State-of-the-art Pricing Matrix"
  • See TireShop's innovative approach to pricing
  • Demonstrates options for pricing
  • TireShop helps you quickly update tire pricing
  • TireShop's pricing matrix takes pricing and updating to the next level
  • TireShop saving you time and giving you peace of mind



Watch video 5 now     "TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System"
  • See TireShop's integrated approach to tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Demonstrates how TireShop delivers seamlessly TPMS info
  • TireShop helps you quickly with TPMS information and diagrams
  • TireShop saves you time by not having to go outside the program for TPMS