Problems You Should Look Out For



Much of the software available today has glaring usability problems or major nuisances that you should check for.  These are not necessarily bugs but the way the programs are designed to work. 

Here is a partial list.

      1.        Problems created by some programs with “real time, built in accounting”

·         It is very difficult to correct errors made on tickets at point of sale. 

·         Inventory quantities are not immediately adjusted when sold. Some do not adjust until payment is recorded.  Users complain that tires still show up as in stock for months (if it takes the customer that long to pay his bill). 

     2.       Quoting problems (you should never have to use a calculator)

·         Only prices for set quantities can be quoted (usually 1, 2, or 4 tires).  You have to use a calculator for “out the door” pricing on any other quantities.  6-wheel trucks are a particular problem.

·         If the price is negotiated, you have to use a calculator for “out the door” pricing.

·         No multiple option quoting. 

     3.       Payment cannot be taken against specific invoices on a ROA.  Statements can be confusing and vague.

     4.       Some programs are not very “tire friendly” treating tires like any other parts

     5.       Some programs do not handle FET.

     6.       Point of sale nuisances

·         Creating an order is so slow that many software users prefer to hand write tickets and re-key them into the computer later.  Some store owners key in tickets after hours or at night.

·         Complete customer information has to be collected on a regular customer every time they bring in a new vehicle.  This creates marketing problems as well as other obvious problems (multiple spellings for the same customer etc.).

·         Histories, tire fitment, and other useful information cannot be accessed from within the open order listing (where it’s needed). 

·         Some programs cannot accept multiple payment types against the same invoice. 

·         Vehicles and customers cannot be removed from a ticket once they have been selected.  If the wrong vehicle or customer was assigned to a work order, the entire ticket has to be voided and reentered.


     7.       Speed Problems

·         Some programs slow down significantly as they accumulate information.  As a result, they have to be “purged” on a regular basis to be useful.

     8.       Calculation Problems

·         Some programs produce conflicting results across different reports.

·         Some programs contain rounding errors resulting improper sales tax reporting.

     9.       Multi Location Problems

·         Many programs do not “scale” across processors or servers resulting in sever performance loss as additional stores and workstations are added to the network

·         Many programs limited to a set number of stores (usually 6 to 9).

·         Some programs do not show “real time” inventory quantities across all store locations.

     10.    Technical Problems

·         Some programs have compatibility issues with current computer and network technologies.

·         Some programs are partially or in whole created by low-cost off shore programmers.

·              Some programs “shrink” on higher resolution monitors making them very difficult to read.