What About UNIX and LINUX Based Systems?


The UNIX platform is unquestionably a stable and secure environment.  It has been around for a long time. For many years the only option large businesses had to connect multiple locations together in a secure manner was UNIX. 

Microsoft Servers now have the power and reliability to compete with UNIX to handle large scale enterprises. Today, UNIX is rapidly losing ground to Microsoft server operating systems such as Microsoft Server2003.  There is no indication that this trend is going to change.


UNIX, and its freebie cousin Linux, are still heavily depended on in manufacturing environments. That is not the case in retail.  What are the advantages of a Microsoft based system over a UNIX based system?


      1.   Everything about UNIX systems is expensive.  The applications are expensive, the hardware is expensive, and the
            maintenance is expensive. Windows applications, hardware, and maintenance are relatively inexpensive.

      2.   UNIX hardware and local support are difficult to find.  Windows based hardware and support is plentiful.
      3.   UNIX applications tend to be cryptic and difficult to learn and use.
      4.   A Microsoft network has to be maintained in addition to the UNIX network if you want access to windows based programs.

In my opinion, UNIX systems will be as obsolete as DOS systems in the retail market within the next few years.  Many of the UNIX software vendors are making preparations for a product shift.  Some are moving to an ASP data hosting model (see article on data hosting) while others are actively trying to develop windows programs of their own.