How is TireShop Different?


   No matter what they say, most of the software out there is pretty much the same.  The Unix/AS400 systems are pretty much the same. The windows systems are pretty much the same.  And the DOS systems are pretty much the same. The perceived differences are more the result of quality selling skills than anything else. So, why should you think TireShop is any different? 

TireShop is not a “me too” product.  TireShop is unlike anything else you have used or seen. Nothing else looks like it. Nothing else acts like it. Nothing else does much of what TireShop can do. Why? Our main objective is not a "features list". It is simplicity, efficiency, and productivity. If you can't figure it out by just looking at it, we are not satisfied. If it does not create opportunities for more sales, we are not satisfied. If it does not help you get more things done in less time, we are not satisfied. 

Below is a partial list of what separates TireShop from the rest. Any one of these features could provide a quick financial payback.  


1. TireShop is by far the fastest.

Are you concerned about your customer wait time at the counter?  Compared to other software products, order entry time is cut by more than half. With TireShop you will process more orders with less sales staff.  

 2. TireShop is by far the easiest.

Do new employees feel intimidated by your software?  Do they take days, or weeks, or even months to get up to speed?  TireShop users report that new employees can be left alone in half a day. Your training costs will be drastically reduced.  

3. Quick lube features are built right in.

Do you do oil changes?  TireShop handles oil changes more efficiently, more accurately, and more profitably.  Many quicklube stores such as Valvoline Express Care are replacing their dedicated quick lube software with TireShop.

4. Instant access to everything you need to know.

Suppose you are viewing a work order on a computer screen. This is the information you have at your fingertips for that vehicle without looking anything up.  Complete TPMS specs, MOTOR part and labor guide, CHEKCHART lube specifications,  vehicle maintenance schedule, engine diagram, chassis diagram, tire fitment specs,  local ATD pricing and availability,  history of services and sales with lapsed miles and months, all services due,  all previous invoices, and more.

5. CRM and direct marketing features are built in. 

It is less expensive and more effective to mine more business from existing customers than it is to try to develop new customers. TireShop's follow-up and other customer relationship management features rival those of the best contract services.

6. Control margins with TireShop's advanced pricing control system.

Are you spending hours and hours trying to keep your prices updated? Not if you had TireShop. Just tell TireShop how much you want to make, under what conditions and that’s all.  As you enter costs on new tires, TireShop instantly adjusts prices across all price levels.  No more tire pricing!

7. TireShop is extremely scalable.

Whether 2 price levels or 20; whether 1 location or 100; whether 3 inventory types or 30, TireShop scales to your needs in seconds.

8. TireShop has the best printing features.

Everything that prints can be sent to the screen for review. Everything that prints can be emailed with a keystroke. Everything that prints can be modified with TireShop's built-in forms designer.

9. TireShop controls user access like nobody else.

TireShop gives you control over every option on every screen for every employee. Suppose you remove payment deletion access for a particular employee. Not only is the employee denied access, the button is removed. The remaining buttons reposition themselves so that the employee only deals with the options you determine are necessary to do his job. This makes the program simpler to use and eliminates malicious opportunities.

10. TireShop tracks everything everyone does!

TireShop keeps an “information trail” on everything that happens. Have you ever asked, "Who did it?", but "nobody did"? Those days are over! TireShop owners have been able to detect and document employee cash drawer theft using this feature.

11. TireShop is keyboard friendly.

Trying to use a mouse on a sales counter is a disaster. TireShop is the only windows based tire store software that is designed for simple, high-speed keyboard entry. It is still fully "mouse-able" for those who prefer to "point and click". 

12. Courtesy checklist is built right in.

TireShop automatically handles your courtesy checklist for increased customer satisfaction and higher profits. Checklists and their resolutions are printed right on the customer invoice. The key to making more money is not higher car count, but taking better advantage of opportunities that are already present. TireShop's checklists help you do just that!


13. Scan a VIN number to create work orders


With TireShop, you have the ability to create multiple work orders from your parking lot. Simply scan the VIN number and TireShop does the rest.