TireShop has an easy-to-use interface that is not only simple enough for anyone to use, it's also very easy on the eyes. We have not designed the typical "cluttered" looking windows Point-of-Sale program. We've gone to great lengths to make a Windows application that stands out from the rest. But don't let it's simplicity fool you. TireShop is a very thorough tool that will help you in all aspects of your business. 

   Here are a few screenshots of out product, TireShop. You should immediately be able to tell that TireShop is different. It does not look complicated to use. It has an approachable look and anyone can learn to use it in a very short period of time. These screenshots will give you a general idea of how TireShop looks. To get a closer look, contact us and we can schedule a full online demo with you.  


This is the Log-On Screen. Every employee has a unique username and password.

Log On




This is the Main Menu screen. By using the keyboard, navigation is simple and lightning fast.  

Main Menu




Here is the Open Order Listing screen. From this screen you can get a good overview of all your open orders and also be warned when customers have been waiting for long periods of time.

Open Orders





This is what an Open Order looks like...simple and to the point. Adding additional items to an order is as simple as pressing the "Insert" key. 

Work Order





TireShop has a lot of different ways to analyze your business. We have an extensive Analysis menu.





This is a typical Sales Analysis. Every analysis can be viewed on your computer screen before printing.  Every analysis goes into great detail. For example, in the Sales Analysis below, by pressing "F4 Detail" with "FEES" highlighted you can see a list of every fee sold in a specific time period. You can also take a look at the order that the fee is associated with. 

Sales Analysis





Here's what the Tire Inventory Listing looks like. From here you can update pricing using our unique "Matrix" system. This system will save you hours when updating inventory. There's nothing else like it out there.

Tire Inventory