Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Using TireShop


1. Unbelievable Simplicity

  • There may be no other Windows program of any type to match TireShop in ease of use, and absolutely no other tire program comes close. In fact, the Freedomsoft developers were invited to an International Software Developer's Conference in Manchester, NH to present and discuss TireShop’s unique user interface with developers from all over the world.


2. Truely Mouseless Operation

  • A mouse on a tire store sales counter is a disaster. TireShop is the only windows tire program designed from the ground up to be truly mouseless.  But, if you want to use a mouse, you can.  TireShop is even “touch screen” friendly for wireless devices.


3. One-Touch Histories

  • TireShop’s histories help you sell!  Press the history key and see every part and labor item performed on that vehicle along with the lapsed miles and months since they were applied.  It doesn’t stop there.  Press another key and you have the vehicle maintenance schedule right in front of you.  Print both out to review with the customer for additional services that should be performed on the vehicle.


4. Built in Quick Lube Funcionality

  • Tire stores typically do oil changes poorly.  But, not any more!  Start making your oil changes profitable with TireShop.  Our oil change features are better than those of the best dedicated oil change programs. Recently, an Express Care quick lube chain with 10 locations switched from the top selling quick lube software to a modified version of TireShop. Even in a quick lube store, TireShop can improve efficiency and cut labor cost!   Other quick lube stores are now switching to TireShop.  Do you do oil changes? This is a “must have”.


5. Built in Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

  • TireShop does much, much more than reminder and thank-you cards. For example, TireShop can target every customer with tires that are nearing their tread life and send out an inspection recommendation with a special offer on replacement. With our pro-active approach to marketing and intelligent data extraction, you can achieve better results at half the cost of dedicated services such as Customer Link or Mechanic Net.


6. Super Fast Order Entry

  • TireShop can process 2 orders in less time than it takes anything else to process 1.  You can greatly increase sales volume without increasing your sales staff.


7. Wireless Order Entry

  • With TireShop’s touch screen friendly interface, you can enter orders anywhere using lightweight “electronic clipboard” type devices.  Do quick quotes, inventory updates, and much more from anywhere.


8. User Tracking System

  • The user tracking system is your best shield against employee theft or sabotage. Every activity of every employee is recorded.  Every deletion. Every change. Every addition.  Everything.  You can view the complete activity history of any particular invoice or the complete activity history of any particular employee.


9. Built in Maintenance Schedules, Lube Specs, and Part & Labor Guides

  • No need to shell out to another program. When you enter a vehicle, all the Motor and Tire Guide data is automatically attached. No secondary lookups are required.


10. Value

  • According to a DeVry University study, TireShop is not only the best tire program you can buy, it is the best tire program by a wide margin.  If TireShop were the most expensive program on the market, it would still be the best value.  But, TireShop’s initial cost is less than half of much of its competition. TireShop’s yearly maintenance fee is less that one fourth of much of its competition. TireShop users receive all new features free, not as extra cost modules. . The biggest savings of all is cost of ownership.  When you consider what TireShop does for you every hour of every day, it’s better than getting the best employee in the world for practically peanuts!


Why Stop at 10!


11. Promotion Tracking System

  • This system automatically tracks promotion activity as well as ad-on sales that result from each promotional sale.  TireShop’s promotion analysis reports help you concentrate your marketing dollars where they do the most good.


12. American Tire Distributors Integration

  • View American Tire availabilities right from within TireShop’s Quick Quote.  Pricing is calculated through TireShop’s pricing matrixes to ensure consistent margins. TireShop can even process orders back to American Tire.


13. Keep Your Data and Work from Anywhere

  • TireShop allows you to work from anywhere you have an internet connection.  You can work from your home, from your motel room, from the airport, or even from your car with a wireless data connection.  All this without having to pay connection charges to someone else for hosting your data.


14. Flat Screen Ready

  • If you are not using flat screen monitors, sooner or later you will be. TireShop automatically resizes every font, every box, and every graphic to adjust for any screen resolution you are likely to use.


15. Instant Access to Quick Quote

  • You never have to stop what you are doing to quote a price.  TireShop’s quick quote features are a hot key away. Finish the quote any you are right back where you left off. Other “Windows” programs just can’t do this.


16. Built in Forms Designer

  • No need to purchase preprinted forms that require separate printers for each form.  TireShop prints its own professionally designed forms on a single laser printer.  If you don’t like the form you can change it with TireShop’s built in forms designer.  Add logos or change company information in seconds with no old forms to be wasted!  Want to use your existing forms?  TireShop can do that too.


17. Email Anything

  • Anything that prints can be emailed!  Handle call-ins for statements or invoices in seconds.


18. Corruption Proof Data

  • TireShop uses an external Sybase database engine to protect data in the event of unexpected power or hardware failures. Indexes are virtually incorruptible.   If you’ve ever needed a technician to repair your data, you’ve probably lost information.  Not with TireShop.


19. Secure Data Encryption

  • TireShop’s optional data encryption ensures that if your data falls into the wrong hands it cannot be read.